Tap "Play" icon

Tap “Record” icon

Tap "Pause" icon

Pauze recording

If the current event is active, it means that the current date falls within the tracking window. See Information screen. Once this is the case, the recording icon will turn red instead of grey. Clicking on it will start recording the event; it will record the track travelled and check whether any checkpoints are passed. The background of the event will become transparent red, so that in the overview it is clear which event is being recorded.

Whenever a checkpoint is passed, the counter next to the information icon will increase. The counter remains red until all checkpoints are passed and then it turns green. At the same time, the “Finish/exit” qrcode will also turn green.


Only 1 event can be recorded at a time.


After recording is turned on, the phone’s screen can simply be turned off. However, do not tuck the phone away deep into a bag as this may result in poor GPS reception. Preferably put the phone in a sport armband.